Digital Inheritance, Secured

Providing the management, protection, and distribution of digital assets to designated shareholders.

* No subscription fees on Inheriti® - Community Edition.

What do I need...

in order to create a protection plan on Inheriti® - Community Edition?

1. Comet Wallet

Your browser-wallet for the decentralized web, Compatible with Chromium based browser like Edge & Chrome.
A single wallet account for all your decentralized applications.

Run next generation web3 and connex dApps.

2. SHA Token

Utilize the SHA token.
10,000 SHA tokens must be stored in your decentralized Comet Wallet.*

*Optional - Beneficiary Backups require an additional 2,000 SHA tokens per backup.

3. SafeKey PRO

Secure FIDO2, decentralized cold-storage. to be used on a Webauthn compatible browser like Edge & Chrome.

The only Inheriti®-compatible device with Custom Share Distribution Storage - providing maximum security. The number of desired beneficiaries will determine how many SafeKeys are necessary.

Key Features of the Inheriti® CE Platform

Inheriti® - Community Edition is the world's first fully-decentralized inheritance tool for digital data.

Security is Key

At SafeTech we are committed to maintain the highest standards of security.
We do not hold any critical or digital asset related information in our databases.


Our CE is built on a 3-layer topology, meaning the distribution process of your data rests upon three different layers:
● Blockchain ● Cold Storage (SafeKey) ● Cloud

Lifetime Validity

Protection plans created on Inheriti® CE are created and deployed using the SHA token, and does not require any ongoing fees.

Intellectual Property Protected

Our non-provisional patent filings in the United States, Europe, China and Hong Kong, affords transparency and further validates our product-suite.

Inheriti® CE - Community Edition

Providing the management, protection, and distribution of digital assets to designated beneficiaries…

    Simple Interface
    Fully Decentralized
    No Subscription Fees
    3-Layer Topology
    Maximum Security, Cold Storage Option

Protection Plans

All-in-one App for all your data protection needs.

  • The Family Circle

    The Family Circle solution is best for family members or close friends. Specifically designed for:
    ● Social Media Accounts ● Passwords and Passphrases ● Private Keys and Seeds ● Cryptocurrency Wallets ● Other Digital Assets ● Lyrics

  • Backup Plan

    The Backup Plan is a protection plan meant for those desiring to make a "decentralized backup" of their digital data. The Initiator becomes both the Beneficiary and Merge Authority.
    ● Dead-man switches can be triggered within hours ● Multiple SafeKey selection option ● A single user acts as the Initiator, Merge Authority, and Beneficiary

  • Safe Haven Vault

    The Vault is a digital safe where you can store a multitude of digital possessions that you desire others to inherit. Digital possessions may be: ● Pictures & Documents ● Recipes & Multimedia Transfers
    (N-Network is under construction)

  • BCP & TIC

    The Business Continuity Plan is an organizational backup tool designed for stakeholders and/or business partners to inherit important information, including: ● Access to Management Software
    The Investment Circle is designed for those interested in creating a multi-party owned fund comprised of family members, friends, or business stakeholders, meant to provide: ● A Safe Pooling Option ● Trust ● Fund Control Methods

Start ensuring the future of your digital data, today.

Get all the CE features of Inheriti without paying any subscriptions fees.



Smart Contract Audit

"Red4Sec CyberSecurity Services, certifies that a security audit has been carried out on Safe Haven. The technical team has examined the security level status of the Safe Haven Smart Contracts. The overall impression about code quality, organization and of the Safe Haven team, is admirable."


Platform Audit

The Inheriti® platform maintains an ongoing audit by Red4Sec. The audit is focused on user-data integrity and employs white-box penetration tests on: ●  SafeKey JS libraries ●  SafeHaven's SDK's ●  Platform source code & API's


Intigriti Bounty 

Intigriti is Europe's #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform.
+ 100 active programs ● Inheriti® bounty will be active for at least 2 years ● Europe's biggest community of security researchers.  

  • Follow Our GitHub Repositories

    Stay informed on current developments concerning the latest in SafeKey development, including firmware, desktop application upgrades, and user toolset.

Future Features

Inheriti® Vault & SafeKey Mobile

Inheriti® Vault is a cloud alternative for SafeKey. Stakeholder shares will be stored in the cloud on secure Share Storage Nodes. This solution reduces our 3-layer topology to 2-layer.
SafeKey Mobile is a mobile application that will serve as a Mobile Share Solution where Verified Stakeholders will be able to claim shares stored on Inheriti® Vault, maintaining the 3-layer topology model.

SafeKey NG

SafeKey NG is our second hardware edition and is built from the ground up, new hardware, new software language and will offer NFC and USB-C connectivity possibilities. More storage will become available on this new MCU as we have increased the space 512Kb to 640Kb ,and an additional 16Mb will be available on the internal flash chip.

Inheriti® SE & Inheriti® BE

Inheriti® Standard Edition will be more focused on mass adoption offering more Wallet Solutions, next to Comet. Subscription plans and direct fiat payment solutions will be available, whilst maintaining SHA token utility. Blockchain and token functionality will remain intact, while the user will experience front-end simplicity. Inheriti® - Business Edition will share all SE features and will be API based allowing third-party partners to employ Inheriti® within their business model.

Multiple Blockchains

Currently, Inheriti® CE Smart Contracts used for DMSs, validator shares, and price-manager deployments, are deployed on the public enterprise VechainThor Blockchain. VechainThor is Ethereum Virtual Machine based and uses Proof of Authority as the consensus mechanism. Inheriti® will in the future, support other public blockchains.

SafeID User Management Platform

Authorization, Authentication and Subscription Platform Providing Users a One-Time Registration to be Used Across All Safe Haven and SafeTech Platforms (SSO)

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